Rachael Delaney, is a professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver in the area of Art Education. She has been teaching at the school since 2005 and has taught course work in various disciplines including Studio, Art History and Art Education. Rachael began teaching art at the K-12 level in 1998, teaching in New York City, Seattle, Washington and Boulder, Colorado. Rachael’s approach to art making begins with the conceptual examination of ideas that are then researched so that the media used to create the artwork best supports how the ideas are conveyed. Most recently, her work as an artist and researcher centers on investigations into issues related to temporal processes relating to social and environmental change. As an educator, Rachael has presented both regionally and nationally to provide an alternative framework for bringing contemporary art practices and works of art into the K-12 art classroom. Rachael works as a fiber artist and has shown recently completed artworks both nationally and internationally. 

Rachael Delaney
Professor and Coordinator, Art Education
Metropolitan State University of Denver