Unapologetic First Marks of Artists

Amelia | 3′ x 3′ | Needle-Felted Wool on Canvas
Alex | 3′ x 3′ | Needle-Felted Wool on Canvas
Zach | 38″ x 25″ | Needle-Felted Wool on Canvas

The Process:

The collaboration begins with a consultation with the client; together we select an artwork that is best suited to be recreated as a fiber artwork. Because not all artworks lend themselves to this process, the consultation is a necessary first step. For example, it is important to maintain the integrity of the child’s mark making, so intricate artworks with lots of delicate details cannot be used for this process. The consultation will also include a discussion about how large the needle felted replica will be.

Once an artwork is selected for the collaboration I will use this artwork as a reference and copy it by hand onto a piece of canvas. The needle felting process then begins through the use of wool roving to create the image. I blend colors by hand to match as closely as possible the colors in the original work of art. I then use a needle-felting tool to build colored layers of felted wool resulting in a replica of the original artwork in felt. These works are then stretched onto a canvas. I include my signature and the name of the collaborating artist on the side of the canvas.

The needle-felted replicas I create are distinctive works of art that require between 100 and 300 hours of labor depending on the complexity of the original artwork. Because these are handmade works of art that take a considerable amount of time to make, I am only able to work on four collaborations a year. I am currently accepting requests for collaborations for Spring 2020. If you are interested in learning more about the collaboration process please email me