This work began with the modification of the book The New Art Education to create an amended representation of some of the ideas in the book. By redacting the language through the process of cutting out all of the writing in the book, I attempted to interrupt the text’s dominant theme of reducing art education to the tenuous role of cultivating appreciation and connoisseurship of the visual arts. Each apple contains the text from a single chapter edited and reorganized to create an alternative version of the original work that introduces the possibility that there may be bigger ideas to explore in the visual arts, which go beyond just mere appreciation. As a result, the apples can be read, but not in a formalized or prescriptive order. Assertive complete thoughts have been replaced with fragments of ideas, where suggestions can generate the transformation of incomplete ideas to new ideas, a place to infuse an alternative perspective. Application and use of the content is no longer bound to the rhythm of turning pages, instead the content is disrupted by possibilities where ideas are moments to consider and build upon.